24 September 2009

Walking with Lions and Cheetah

Yes!! it is really possible to walk with lion and cheetah in Mauritius... It is a first in Mauritius. This activity is brought to you by Safari Adventures and this exclusive activity is available all year round at the Casela Nature & Leisure Park. It is indeed a unique opportunity to feel and observe the primitive behaviour of the lions and the cheetahs and at the same time share their pride in their natural element. This exciting sensation has been rendered possible due to an highly professional team which have years of experienced in the field of lion handling, training and expertise. It is a unique occasion and safest lion experience offers to you by a world leader in the area of lion encounter.

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03 September 2009

Kitesurfing in Mauritius

Le Morne, located in the south of the island, is indisputably the best kite surfing spot. Indeed, the conditions are excellent with a constant powerful wind, which blows all year round - except in February. However it should be noted that this spot is reserved for experienced kite surfers only. The current can indeed be rough and the swell, dangerous in Le Morne. The best spots all along the East coast are the Belle Mare, Pointe d'Esny and Blue Bay spots but Kitesurfers are the luckiest as they can also enjoy shallower spots for gliding over flat surfaces in Poste Lafayette, namely La Colombiere for beginners, Trou d'Eau Douce and especially l'Ile aux Cerfs.

02 September 2009

Sarah Outen, first woman to have crossed the Indian Ocean by rowing

The British Sarah Outen is the first woman to have crossed the Indian Ocean by rowing and in solo. She reached the Mauritian coast from the South-West, at Bois des Amourettes, at the beginning of the evening on 03 August. Biologist by profession, Sarah Outen is 24 years old and lives in Rutland, in Great Britain. She left Freemantle by canoe. The crossing took 124 days and was often subject to harsh conditions. She was welcomed by Xavier-Luc Duval, the Vice Premier Minister and Minister of Tourism, Leisure and External Communications.

20 August 2008

Mauritian boxer Bruno Julie gets the country's first Olympic medal in Beijing

For the first time in the history of sports of the island, a Mauritian will stand on the podium to receive a medal, albeit a bronze one at the Beijing Olympics. Bruno Julie, boxer in the -54 kg bantamweight category and Commonwealth champion who is taking part in the 2008 Beijing Olympics has qualified on Monday for the semi-finals after beating the Venezuelan Hector Manzanilla Rangel by points (13 - 9) at the workers' Sports stadium in the Chinese capital Beijing. "The Mauritian magician" as commentators of the BBC have called him had on Friday last eliminated the last Uzbek Hoorshid Tojibaev (16 - 4) and will box against the favourite of the bantamweight category, the Cuban Yankiel Leon Alarcon on Friday.

"Good job and big thank to you Bruno, may the force be with you for the rest (no matter what the result is), we know you'll give the best of yourself"

08 July 2008

Le Morne on the list of world Heritage

After the insertion of the Aaapravasi Ghat (2006) - a site where the modern indenture labour diaspora began, Mauritius has another site on the unesco world heritage list - Le Morne Cultural Landscape. Le Morne is described as a rugged mountain that juts into the Indian Ocean in the southwest of Mauritius, used as a shelter by runaway slaves, maroons, through the 18th and early years of the 19th centuries. Protected by the mountain’s isolated, wooded and almost inaccessible cliffs, the escaped slaves formed small settlements in the caves and on the summit of Le Morne. The oral traditions associated with the maroons, have made Le Morne a symbol of the slaves’ fight for freedom, their suffering, and their sacrifice, all of which have relevance to the countries from which the slaves came - the African mainland, Madagascar, India, and South-east Asia. Indeed, Mauritius, an important stopover in the eastern slave trade, also came to be known as the “Maroon republic” because of the large number of escaped slaves who lived in Le Morne.

05 May 2008

Mauritius at the 16th African Athletics Championships

Stéphan Buckland *** Jonathan Chimier

Congratulation to Stéphan Buckland (200 m - silver medal) and Jonathan Chimier (long jump - silver medal) for their performances at the 16th African Athletics Championship. Jonathan Chimier born on the 6th of August 1982 is a long jumper who won the 2004 African Athletics Championships. His personal best jump is 8.28 meters, achieved in August 2004 in Athens. He has the long jump Mauritian record. Stéphan Buckland was born on the 2oth of June1977. His story began in 1992 with his participation in the inter college championship. He started his training sessions with Jacques Lebon ans Maxime Aunet. When he improved on the national 60m record with a 7'2 s, Jacques Dudal, the technical director of national athletics, took him under his wing. After years of hard training and sacrifice, he is proud of what he has become and "has no regrets about his career."