15 January 2008

Flamingo Island – An island for me alone

An island for me alone, is another exclusive activity design for your top satisfaction. You will have the joy of being received by our crew. We will then move the direction of the coral barrier where you will swim and snorkel to see the corals (a true garden under the sea). Then, we will have a drink on board while navigating in the blue towards a splendid small island called Flamingo, a beautiful sandy dessert island on which you will be alone. The table will be made up while you will bathe in the lagoon with of fabulous colors. The crew will make excellent barbecues with lobsters, crabs and marlin. The rest of the day will be for you to be spent at your ease between swimming and idleness on the beach before leaving this small paradise.

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Best Mauritius Hotels said...

wow this is awesome!perfect for a date..(laughs!)this would be so romantic here..