11 January 2008

Mauritian tea & Mahebourg village

The Mauritian Tea
A guided tour of the Tea factory (Bois Cheri) will make you discover the transformation of the Mauritian most appreciate drink. Discover the secret of the tea by visiting the museum. Take a tea at the chalet and contemplate the panoramic view of the south.

Réserve des Mascareignes (Crocodile Park)
The park was created on 1984, La Vanille reproduce and breed crocodiles imported from Madagascar. The park is not only a farm for crocodile but it is also the biggest breeder of giant tortoise in the world. It is also a park for mascareignes animals.

Souillac – Gris Gris
Souillac is a seaside resort on the rugged Southern coast. The appeal of Souillac lies in it scenery, the high cliffs here drop abruptly to the sea and the bracing winds of the Indian Ocean blow all the year round. At the southern end of the village is Gris-Gris, a viewpoint on the cliff top.

The village of Mahebourg
By passing in Beau-Vallon, we enter the village of Mahebourg. It is a village rich historically. To learn a bit more we will convey you to a visit to the Naval Museum. To return back we will pass the coastal road to join the eastern part of Mauritius, so that you have an idea of the coastal life of Mauritian and how beautiful the island is.

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