09 January 2008

Natural evasion in Mauritius

Trou aux Cerfs (Curepipe)
The hill of ‘Trou aux Cerfs, an old volcano, offer you a panoramic view on all the other town of Mauritius.

Model Ships Factory
A team of local craft men and women can be seen bringing back to life some of the great moments of sailing history. Recognised as one of the model manufacturer where quality is guaranteed you will find model of every era created from original plans

Basin (Ganga Talao)
A mystic visit to the sacred lake of Grand Bassin / Ganga Talao. It is where the temple of Shiva, Hindu divinity is found.

Black-River Gorge
Discover the beauty of Mauritius. At Plaine Champagne there are three viewpoints within 3 Km of each other giving panoramic views across the Black River Gorges with the peaks of Rempart Mountain and Corps de Garde in the north-west just visible in the distance.

Seven Colored Earth – Chamarel
It’s a rare geological curiosity which must be discovered. Chamarel is a mound of undulating land stretching in contrasting layers of colour, and the patches of blue, green, red and yellow earth are believed to be the result of weathering.

Bird Park – Casela
It is an immense garden of a surface of 25 hectares which contains 2500 birds of more than 140 different species.

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Veranda Palmar Beach Mauritius said...

well,this is the very attractive part in Mauritius..just so amazing how it turned out to be like that..