19 February 2008

Travelling to Europe without visa

In an official statement published Monday in Brussels, the European Commission let know that it asked the Members of the European Union for the opening of consultations on agreements for exemption of visa of short stay with six countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP), namely Mauritius, Seychelles and four other insular Republics of the area of the Caribbean. The exemption of visas will be reciprocal, the European nationals going in these islands will not need to present a visa and conversely for the citizens of these islands travelling for Europe. According to the official statement, such an agreement should have come into effect since 2007, but Brussels had had to defer the conclusion of the negotiations, because countries of the area had required visas with Europeans at the time of the World cup of cricket, organized in the Caribbean. It will act of a reciprocal measurement of exemption of the visas, the European countries not requiring visas with the travellers coming from Mauritius and Seychelles and conversely.

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