13 March 2008

Mauritius 40th anniversary of independence

The Flag Raising ceremony for the 40th anniversary of independence was held on Wednesday the 12th of march at the Champ de Mars in the presence of the President of the Republic, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, the Prime Minister, Dr Navin Ramgoolam, the Chief Guest at the celebrations. Thabo Mbeki, President of the Republic of South Africa, and other personalities. The theme of the celebrations, Nou Pays Nou Fierte ( Our country, Our Pride) which has been used since 2006 has continued to be used every year for the National day celebrations until 2010. A concert gathering renowned artists from Europe, Asia, Africa, the neighbouring countries as well as from Mauritius, started at 20.00 last night to run throughout the night The concert followed the traditional flag raising ceremony which started at 17.30 hrs with a Pledge to the nation by 16 Youths. This was followed by a march past by Disciplined Forces, a march past by uniformed organizations (Red Cross, Girls Guide, Fellowship first Aiders etc?) and the Flag Raising Ceremony at 18 00 hrs followed by gun salute. The last part before the popular concert was a défilé on the historical and economic evolution depicting the different stages from discovery of Mauritius to today. The concert was preceded by a spectacular firework display.

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