19 January 2008

Accomodation in Mauritius

Taking advantage of the island’s natural beauty, the hospitality of the people and high standard of services, the Mauritian hotel industry has made a name for itself. The destination Mauritius has a large choice of accommodation where to stay. There are hotel, bungalows, apartments and villas. All these accommodations are from low budget to luxury. Hiring a bungalow, villa or apartments in any part of the island is possible for those who want to be autonomous and spend a tranquil holiday. It is also possible for those interested in spending their holidays with a local family in a guest house, where one is sure to taste the Mauritian lifestyle, knowing the legendary hospitality of the Mauritian people. We invite you to send us a description of what type of accommodation you are looking for your future holiday in Mauritius. It will be a pleasure for us to advice and help you find a place according to your demand.

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theoffendedblogger said...

Oh I am so jealous!! I live in Idaho, USA next to Yellowstone National Park. We have 6 feet of snow right now and it is about 20 degrees F haha.

If I can talk my husband into going to Mauritius, I definitely know where to come for advice now. :)