18 January 2008

Green Mauritius

Invigorate yourself. Go mountain climbing or explore the forests and its endemic plants. Enjoy the spectacular beauty of waterfalls or live an exciting adventure by canoing down the rivers.

from simple circuit for novices to more technical ones, on full or half day:
Cascade Rama, Eau Bleue, famous for its clear water and tropical flora: games in the water, jumps, 2 or 3 abseiling down waterfalls from 8 to 16 meters.
Tamarin falls or Seven cascades offer breathtaking views on the west part of the island : alternation of river walking, jumping and abseiling down 3 to 7 waterfalls, from 8 to 55 meters.

Hiking - Trekking - Walks: enjoy breathtaking views while trekking to the highest mountain of the island, Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire, or through Mountain Lion in the south east, or while hiking in the National Park of Gorges de la Riviere Noire, or during coastal walks around the island.


Trisna said...

Hi (^^,)
first time reader in your blog...

I've been thinking about climbing and try to be a backpacker in the wildlife recently, one thing i never did in my life. Now, i'm getting more tempted by reading your Green Mauritius article... hmm.. guess i better checked my holiday schedule, see if there's a chance to explore the mountain or the forest...


Hotels in Mauritius said...

wow!so adventurous!i want to try mountain climbing but i still don't have a companion..my family stays at the beach..haha..hopefully soon..