17 January 2008

The Sega

The sega is a dance and also the national music of Mauritius. It is a rhythmic and lively music. The sega is seen and lived as the dance expressing freedom. It take its origins from the slaves brought from Africa. Dancing and singing around the fire at the end of a hard day's of work was obviously their way to temporarily put aside the painful moments of their miserable existence. Today the sega can be heard everywhere on beaches, in shops, in hotels and on each and every occasion of entertainment . Traditional sega is played with the basic instruments known as ravanne, the triangle and the maravanne. Nowadays the sega has evolved with modern instrument and features contemporary musical influences. The king of the traditional sega, who died at the age of 92 was Ti-Frere. The evolution of the sega has given birth to "seggae" which is a mixed of sega with reggae.


Da Vinci said...

Looks fun, and they have cute attire

Mauritius Holidays said...

we really love this!we wouldn't miss this every vacation we will have.. I've been looking forward to see this soon..